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Advantages of mobile friendly website

What is a mobile friendly website?

Well, some of you might already know, but to those who have no idea what is meant by that term, here you go:
   A mobile friendly website is obviously a smaller version of the desktop one, a shrunken format, though performs efficiently in the smaller screen, making it certain that the user has the best experience where he/she can read every term correctly, scroll down easily and access all parts of the website without effort.
  Though we call it mobile friendly website, the truth is it can evolve into any size without compromising the user experience, whether be it in tablet, mobile or any other display devices of any size, hence it's true term is "Responsive web design".

  Responsive or Mobile friendly website has certain advantages that a business owner can never ignore.

Economical: Initially, web business owners had to pay web developers double the charge as they had to make two separate websites, one for desktop and other for mobile devices. With the advent of responsive web development, such a charge is being cut down as one can make use of a single version suitable for any kind of display, and thus saving quite an amount from your expense.

Time saving: In the past, when web developers had to make two different websites for the same  business purpose, it obviously cost them much time. Now with responsive webs designing, time factor can be reduced to a great extent so that the business owners can have their website ready for use much sooner.

Quality user-experience:  Responsive website adapts to the size of your your display device. Thus it is much easy for the user to navigate through, without having trouble to zooming, shrinking or pinching on the screen.

More chance for sales: There is more than 60 %  chance that a user to abandon your website and take the next one if your website is difficult to read and navigate. With a mobile friendly friendly website, you can ensure that user potential customer stays in your website and ultimately converts to your favor.

Increases search engine ranking:  Google gives preference to mobile friendly websites as they are looking out for giving the best websites for their users in terms of quality and user-experience.
Thus you have a better chance at showing up on google at the first positions with responsive design. Also, when your website is mobile friendly and provides a better user experience, your site's bounce rate reduces and that too can give you an upper hand in google ranking.

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